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Morelos Train 10

In the skies of Malpais a storm had begun
The Morelos Line Rail and a twin headed train
Started off that dark night through cimmerian rain

With an engine in front and one pushed behind
There were ten cars in all on the narrow gauge line
80 barrels of brandy and two hundred plus men
Loaded all that they had on Morelos Train Ten

Oh the lighting it clapped and the thunder did roll
The unforeseen flood that night took its toll
She washed out the farms and the missions of old
But the train and the men labored on with their load

It’s falling down and around in vain
Pounding on all the diluvian rain
Down Round Down

Half blind from the deluge the brakeman did not know
As he neared the barranca with the river below
The great storm in her hunger had devoured the bridge
And the train never slowed as they plunged from the ridge

It’s tumbling stumbling rumbling on
The dissonant screams of all hope is gone
Down Round Down

The Morelos lay mangled wedged hard in the mud
The brandy spilled out to blend with the blood
And when the engines caught fire their fumes fueled the flame
Taking all that was left of the Morelos Line Train

On June 23rd 1881

This song was based on true events. To read more about the
Morelos railway accident click here.


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