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Oh My Mother

oh my mother i'm a sorry man
running all alone in a foreign land
my bridges i have burned with my own hands
yes my mother i will die in pain
for the debt i owe
so your prayers fall in vain

and yes my mother i can hear the sounds
as the devil and the white horse dance around
they're following my tracks
and they won't slow down
the reward is to take my head
and they're gaining ground

tell me now what am i to do
mother i saw what he did to you
the worms they crawl in and out
they dance macabre upon your snout
while you lay waiting in your grave
all the while weeping for your boy
you could never hope to save

   I told you boy, boy don't
   scorn the moth and butterflies
   don't make threats
   to warbling joys

oh my mother i'm all alone
on this road I chose with no way home
and I could never be what your wanted me to be
I should have heeded all the warnings you
tried to get across to me
you don't deal with the dead
while their strung up on the hangman's tree

i watch the trail and the sun descend
he'll have head by this day's end
the worms they'll crawl across my skin
searching for my hardened heart
buried somewhere beating down within

1 comment:

  1. Amazing mind blowing music. David and Loren Laue take the listener into their beautiful world where the dark lights the forbidden journey into their musical garden of Eden.