• #1: Amazon Hot New Releases of 1/2013, Singer/Songwriter and Folk Rock catagories, "No Hero Here"
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  • #1: Winner of the HISS Songwriting Contest, Lullaby my Baby "Waterbug Lullaby"




I dreamt I saw John Lennon
alive live like you and me
he was driving down the freeway

in a yellow Limousine
with his suitcase right beside him

filled with brand new songs to sing
awe these are dreams that make me happy                         

these are things I long to dream
come on dream

I was drifting across the ocean
my boat moved on my dreams command

I saw the world’s hungry children

on the shores with out- stretched hands

in the skies there came this cloud of dove
dropping seed onto the sand
and from the seed they threw, the orchards grew                   
and fed the starving throughout the land                                                       
as I dream, come on and dream
you can dream, come on and dream                             
you can dream about those orchards full
for a million years to come, come on dream                   
come on dream
and I dreamt a dream of Martin Luther King           
in a train on golden track              
he had piled all the hatred of the earth            
in the freight cars on the back                     
with his great big engine filled with coal                          
and those smoke stacks billowed steam                 
right then I knew as the whistle blew                    
this was a very special dream                         
then he called up his army of angels       
to fly them hard into the sun                
in a blinding flash with all hatred smashed  
peace had finally come             
and I dream, come on dream                                                                             
let’s dream about this masterpiece painted perfect in the sky                
come on dream, come on dream           
let’s make a dream a dream come true         
of peace for you and I             
come on dream
And I dreamt I saw John Lennon

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